filoli clock tower & garden house

Historic Restoration and Seismic Upgrades

Woodside, CA


Architect:  CAW Architects (Clock Tower)

Architect:  Architectural Resources Group (Garden House)

Contractor:  Plant Construction


Clock Tower

The classic Clock Tower of the Filoli estate has graced the renowned gardens for almost a century.  An iconic symbol of this National Trust property, the Christopher Wren-inspired clock tower had over the years succumbed to water and termite damage.  With the tower visibly out of plumb and with the understanding that the estate sits directly on the San Andreas Fault, a comprehensive restoration and seismic upgrade was in order. Working closely with the architect and contractor, forensic studies were performed in the field to determine the causes of damage and to develop sensitive and appropriate solutions.  Methods of repair were developed that allowed historic materials to remain in place and damaged material to be replaced with like kind.

Garden House

Similar to the Clock Tower, the Garden House was showing signs of age with cracked unreinforced masonry walls and water damage.  Crack repair and seismic improvements were seamlessly integrated with the replacement of the roof membrane, allowing this distinct structure to be enjoyed for decades to come.