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7 core values

continue to define our approach.



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Stay Humble & Curious


Cultivate a learning culture. Listen and respond to an owner's needs, an architect's vision, and a contractor's practical advice.

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treat people well

Employees & Clients


People before profits.  Attract and maintain the best employees and clients.  Relationships are our priority.

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technical excellence

Know the Code & First Principles


Develop a thorough understanding of the code backed with common sense and basic engineering principles.

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initiate fresh ideas

Research & Champion Innovative Solutions


Innovation and change take initiative.  Proactively explore and evaluate new and alternative solutions for the benefit of the owner, architect, and contractor.

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attention to detail

Thorough & Buildable Drawings


Well developed drawings coupled with senior level quality assurance ensures the vision of the architect is maintained, reduces costly field revisions, and streamlines the construction schedule.

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Privacy Promised


Always maintain the strictest confidentiality for those clients, whether individuals or corporations, where privacy is paramount.

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big and small

Take On a Variety of Projects


Pursue a wide range of project types to ensure a sustainable business model and a broad knowledge base - creating opportunities for growth and cross pollination of ideas.

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