Sydney Matthews 2017 2two1.png






California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - B.S. Architectural Engineering


EIT 155956 - CA


Structural Engineers Association of Northern California

Why do you love your work?

I really enjoy the problem solving aspect of what we do. It's really interesting working with more experienced engineers because I get exposed to all kinds of different solutions to one problem that might be completely different than what I came up with originally.

Why did you become an engineer?

It all started with legos as a kid!  I always loved anything that involved building, and even helped my dad with different woodworking/DIY projects for around the house.  He took me to hardware stores all the time and seeing all the different components formed into a complete project was so interesting at a young age. 

Favorite project:

Unfortunately, it's a confidential project, but the aspects I enjoyed were that I did the majority of design/calculations and was able to go to the site and see what I designed.

Special Interests:

Cooking (I try to make one new meal a week when things aren't too crazy), crafting/diy (I always look to see if I can find a tutorial to make something we need before I go out and buy it), gym, and reading.