Seung Jai 2018 2two1.png






University of California, Los Angeles - M.S. Structural Engineering

University of California, Berkeley - B.S. Civil Engineering


CE 78513 - CA

SE 6420 - CA


American Concrete Institute

ACI 369 Seismic Repair and Rehabilitation, Associate Member

ACI 374 Performance-Based Seismic Design of Concrete Buildings, Associate Member

American Institute of Steel Construction

American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE 41 Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings, Associate Member

Structural Engineers Association of Northern California

Why do you love your work?

The variety of roles that expand throughout a career really keeps me engaged. Between the technical analysis, project management, risk management, improving communication, client relations, and business development, to name a few, I get a chance to exercise all parts of my brain.

Do you enjoy certain project types?

I enjoy engineering functional structures in light industrial applications, as they require custom solutions to atypical criteria. I also like being a part of essential facilities projects, such as hospitals and schools, that provide an important service to our communities. Lastly, there is something about the challenges of seismically retrofitting existing buildings that is fun.

Special Interests outside of work?

I love listening to podcasts and stay pretty active. The best is combining the two by listening to podcasts while exercising at the gym.