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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - B.S. Architectural Engineering


CE 27770 - CA

SE 2358 - CA


Structural Engineers Association of Northern California

Why do you love your work?

I love the great feeling of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in having met deadlines while delivering responsive projects.

Why did you become a structural engineer?

Because my mom told me that's what I said when I was four years old sitting on a stool in the kitchen in Hong Kong!

Do you enjoy certain project types?

I enjoy projects that pose challenges. Theaters are fascinating.  Buildings with cleanrooms are fun.  Historic preservation and conservation is another favorite.

Special Interests outside of work?

Long range fishing, home mechanic, collectible cars, track days, making videos, travel, and bowling.

Little known fact about yourself?

Served for many years on the board of directors, and later the facility committee, of a non-profit independent living facility for mature adults.  Walt Hensolt was on the committee during the same time.