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Email:  jim@rpse.com



Stanford University - M.S. Structural Engineering

University of Iowa - B.S. Civil Engineering


CE 36771- CA

SE 2968 - CA



Structural Engineers Association of Northern California

The Masonry Society

American Institute of Steel Construction

California Preservation Society

Why do you love your work?

I am fortunate to have great coworkers, and we have clients that appreciate our efforts.  As a result, we have an interesting variety of projects to keep us challenged!

Why did you become an engineer?

My dad was a structural engineer and after hearing about it at the dinner table for 18 years it just seemed natural.  He designed a lot of bridges and dams, and it was always fun to make a side trip while on vacation to look at one of those projects.  Sometimes when I was little, he would take me to his jobsite on the weekends.  I guessed that engineers got to spend time outside the office, and that appealed to me!

What are some of your favorite projects?

I have enjoyed working on so many interesting projects.  Two that show some of the variety are the Filoli Garden House renovation, and the manufacturing equipment for the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters.

Special Interests:

I have been riding bikes forever and I enjoy commuting, riding with friends, and even dabble in a little off road racing in the winter.  Now that our kids are in college, my wife and I are taking up salsa dancing.

Little known fact:

I have been in jail (sort of, it was a design project!)